Show Some Love to Your Furniture, Get Them Refinished

The most essential part of home décor is the furniture that adorns your living space, be it your sofa set, bed frames, side tables, wardrobes, or kitchen cabinets. Elegant, timeless furniture pieces add character to your home. If you happen to own antique furniture, many will consider you lucky because when it comes to the world of furniture, the class these pieces exude is something to die for! It is of utmost importance that you take proper care of and pay required heed to the maintenance of your antique furniture so that they last for generations to come. Are you wondering how? For starters opt for refinishing antique furniture when they start losing their shine.

Furniture refinishing is an art that results in the total restoration of the pieces. It helps you salvage year’s old furniture including antiques. Most people spend on refinishing kitchen cabinets after every few years but the thought that the same needs to be done for other pieces’ sitting in their living space hardly crosses their minds. The procedure, however, remains an effective way to infuse new life into your favorite furniture pieces!

Here are 3 things you must know about refinishing furniture:

1. A rule of thumb when deciding whether particular wood furniture is worth refinishing is to leave the painted wood pieces alone as paint does a good job at camouflaging scars. It hides water stains and burn marks that may actually have penetrated deep into the wood. This means that to reveal the original color of the furniture, several layers will have to be removed which adversely impacts the appearance of your wooden furniture. Varnished pieces are fit to be refinished.

2. Refinishing is a complicated process that is best left to experts if you want attention to detail! When it comes to refinishing antique furniture various things come to play like the size and design of the piece, desired type of finish, and tending to damages if any. Antique pieces are to be dealt with carefully to retain their originality and value.

3. Refinishing antique furniture does come at a cost but it doesn’t necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. The cost is determined by the amount of work involved. Different furniture repair companies offer different quotes and if you are careful in choosing the company, refurnishing costs will definitely be reasonable.

A Phoenix Art Woodworks specializes in restoring, refinishing, and repairing old furniture turning deteriorating pieces into marvelous artwork. Whether you are looking for refinishing kitchen cabinets or antique furniture, we guarantee the best result at affordable pricing.