Wicker Chair Repair

Over time, it's common for wicker chairs and furniture to unravel, become bent, broken, or damaged. It does not mean you have to throw it away and buy something new; you can get it repaired with caining which is a method of wicker chair repair.

Caning is a method of weaving to build or repair chairs and other furniture. When it comes to wicker chair repair, it can be difficult and time-consuming for anyone unfamiliar with the process.

Wicker Furniture Restoration

At A Phoenix Art Works, we are experts when it comes to wicker furniture repair. We streamline the process for you by caning and re-caning the chairs quickly and expertly, returning the finished item in no time.

Wicker Repair Chicago, IL

If you are local to Chicagoland and would like to have your damaged wicker furniture repaired, we can help. Our shop is located in Wheeling, IL, but we service all customers throughout the Chicagoland area. Because all wicker chair repair is unique, for the most accurate quote, we would recommend that you bring your wicker furniture piece by so that we can evaluate it. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 - 5:00PM to serve you.

Common Types of Wicker Furniture We Repair

  • Wicker Chair Repair
  • Wicker Table Repair
  • Wicker Patio Furniture Repair
  • Wicker Ottoman Repair
  • Wicker Couch Repair

Cain Chair Repair - How to Care for Your Wicker Furniture

After you get your wicker furniture repaired with us, you must know how to care for it. A little bit of maintenance and a cleaning routine will go a long way when it comes to wicker furniture.

1. Keep it Covered: If you have outdoor wicker furniture, it's best to keep it covered when it's not in use. Having it covered helps protect the furniture from fading and getting damaged.
2. Soap & Water: When it comes to cleaning up your wicker furniture, soap and water will do the trick. We first recommend going over the furniture with a light vacuuming then gently using a soapy sponge or brush to scrub off any excess dirt.
3. Deep Detailed Clean: If you are looking for a deeper clean for your wicker furniture, you can use a mild oil-based soap such as Murphy's. To scrub in harder to reach places for a more detailed look, we recommend using an old toothbrush; it's sure to get the job done!

The Cane Chair Repair Process

When it comes to performing cane chair repair, several tools and materials are required to get the job done. Typically this involves a utility knife, needlenose pliers, scissors, spray paint, tacks, glue, and of course, wicker caning. Once we've gathered all the materials, we start by repairing any loose wrappings on the legs of the chair.

After the chair legs have been repaired, we move on to repairing broken strands on the body. Usually, we have to cut off any protruding strands with a utility knife and glue it down on the backside so that it's more hidden. Then we fill in any gaps with the new wicker caning material and glue it down so that the old blends with the new.

Once all of the damaged wicker has been replaced or repaired, it's time to bust out the spray paint. We make sure we get the best possible match with the color and lightly coat the cane chair so that everything blends in seamlessly.

Other Service Areas

Areas we service:
Wicker and Furniture Repair Arlington Heights, Illinois
Wicker and Furniture Repair Chicago
Wicker and Furniture Repair Highland Park, IL
Wicker and Furniture Repair Palatine, IL
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