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For over 26 years, A Phoenix Art Woodworks has specialized in restoring, refinishing, and repairing old deteriorating furniture turning them into dazzling works of art, captivating both residential and commercial clients. We work throughout the Chicago metropolitan area on projects that include antiques, cabinetry, wood repair Chicago, stone (ceramics, porcelain, etc.), wicker repair, custom parts fabrication, and much more. Various hotels, designers, religious establishments, restaurants, moving companies, and contractors entrust their furnishings to A Phoenix Art Woodworks for custom furniture restoration and professional furniture refinishing, repair, and refinishing.

We produce high-quality results using a unique methodology developed over our years of craftsmanship. We recognize our clients' desire to invest back into their treasured furniture, whether it's holding onto heirlooms, customizing a new finish, or customizing parts fabrication due to weathering furniture.

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Services Overview

Furniture and Wood Repair Chicago Suburbs: We professionally perform wood repair and furniture repair, restoration and refinishing. We repair and fabricate any wood or furniture structure such as: cracked, faded, scratched, structurally broken piece from daily used furniture to antique furniture, refinishing it to original or better condition.

Our furniture and wood repair - Chicago area services are great options to restore items that are difficult to replace or have sentimental value.

Antique restoration Chicago Suburbs: We are experts for antique furniture restoration and refinishing in the North and Northwestern suburbs.  If you’re looking for “furniture repair near me”, you have found us. We will restore your antique furniture and treat it with love and care. Restoring or refinishing vintage furniture from light use, faded, or complete restoration will result in quality product.  We use quality products and carefully pay attention to tiny details.

Stone and ceramic: We specialize in restoring antique and general stone and ceramic items, from shattered, cracked, loose, or faded paint.  We are your solution for “antique refurbishing near me”.

Custom and complex projects: We can accommodate custom needs, from fabricating wooden structure to replace broken one, restore art piece that is damaged, repair statue that has deteriorated, fix chair or table that is lose broken, strip and refinish cabinet or item to a different or original color, or create a miniaturized replica of your house, check out our photo gallery.

Commercial Services: We offer on site and off site repair an refinishing of wooden structures or pieces with quick turnaround.  We have restored doors, host greeting tables and are available so assist in most cases.

Kitchen Cabinets: We can make your kitchen look new again by stripping old varnish, dirt, stain, fill, and refinish cabinets and doors to a new look.  We can also fix individual components and custom color match to the rest of the kitchen or cabinet.

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