Deciding When and How to Restore your Timeless Kitchen Woodworks

Waking up in the morning and the first thing you do is waddle into your kitchen with heavy lids looking for the coffee pot. The last thing you do before going to sleep is sneak into the kitchen for a quick late-night snack. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house representing the lifestyle, hygiene, and decorum of the household. However, old, damaged, and worn out kitchen woodworks that once used to be the pride of the place can create quite a dampening effect to the entire ambience. This is essentially why Kitchen Cabinet Repair and Refinishing services are needed to breathe life back in your timeless kitchen woodworks. But wait, how do we decide when to refinish our kitchen furniture?

If you’re rethinking your kitchen remodelling plans, here are some signs you should look for before you go ahead with the furniture Restoration (custom color matching, missing parts fabrication) process.

  • The woodwork in your kitchen cabinet is flaking or chipping from the corners
  • There are visible cracks in the wood
  • The woodwork feels sticky even after cleaning
  • The woodwork has started showing visible signs of stubborn watermarks
  • The polish on the woodwork is fading in patches
  • The wood looks dry with blemishes and blisters ruining the entire look and feel of the furniture

How to Restore your beautiful wooden furniture
With the visible signs of furniture damage now being evident, you have three categories of furniture restoration options that you can choose from-

Repair- You don’t have to strip your furniture for this process. The dents, cracks, and fissures can be repaired but do remember, repair is only possible if the old woodwork is strong enough to handle it. In fact, this restoration process is helpful if the furniture piece is showing surface-level damage only.

Refinish- A refinish can make your old woodwork look brand new. Wooden furniture restorers use a stripping product or powder to strip the current finish. Once the necessary touch-ups or repairs are done, a new finish is applied on the top and the furniture starts looking as good as new.

Rejuvenate- This restoration process is particularly applicable for furniture that is not exactly damaged but yet shows signs of being worn out. If you want your kitchen woodwork to shine- clear and bright, a rejuvenation restoration can wax, buff, and revive the existing finish.

Out of all your furniture, the kitchen woodwork is most likely to fall prey to damage. However, investing in brand new furniture can be quite a hefty deal for your pocket. On the other hand, a simple restoration of your hand-picked woodwork can not only breathe new life in your kitchen, but also improve its look and feel, quite significantly.